愛到發燒 Some Like It Hot (2008)

*The 5th Hong Kong Asia Film Festival "Festival Gala"*

電影預告片 Movie Trailer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Zm4QIuiElg


故事:阿木(李柏煥飾)一朝醒來,頭暈身熱,感覺發燒。阿櫻(趙碩之飾) 忽然來電,有急事要阿木立即出現。





《愛到發燒》與林子祥的歌無關,但因為男主角發燒而聯想出來的愛情故事,就同我自己有關。每當有病躺在床上,就想起有伴侶照顧是多麼好──獨居男女會明白這一點。我很少像林子祥的歌一樣,為了一個女孩子而抓狂,但我在想,假如是為了一個喜歡的女孩而不慎冷病發燒,情況又如何?這個人會值得人同情。人是自私的,願意為喜歡的人做很多事(不是任何事),談情說愛最吸引人的地方,正是雙方都願意為對方做很多事,很多可能又帶點傻。美國樂評人Rob Sheffield寫的愛情自傳裡,有句說話:「戀愛叫我幹傻事,幸好我學得早」──寫得真好,他真是懂得享受愛情的人。



Producer: Ng Kin Hung
Screenplay & Director: Pierre Lam
Starring: Wylie Chiu, Brian Li, James Ho, Jason Yip, Hidy Yu
Presents: Hong Kong Star X-Media Ltd.

Story: When the sun rises, Wood (Brian Li) found he got serious fever. At this moment, Ying (Wylie Chiu) suddenly called him to show up immediately. It seemed there was something urgent.

Episode 1: Everything Starts at Hair Inn
Last night, Ying called up Wood for company as she was being heart-broken. Ying told Wood that the past in which she fell for a hair stylist, Ben. Ying gave Ben love hint again and again, but it didn’t work. Perhaps, Ben was seeing someone else.

Episode 2: We all love Ping Pong.
In the morning, Wood re-encountered the hair stylist, Kim (Jason Yip), who recalled their past ambiguous gay love, when Wood was on the way to Ying by his bicycle. They encountered, played Ping Pong, and had happy hour together. Though, Kim realized that he had to grasp this chance that might be a great deal to the happiness of his whole life.

Episode 3: One Sofa.
Heart-broken Ying met a drunker, Roy (James Ho) on the way home. At the same time, Roy also fell out of love with his girlfriend, Zoie (Hidy Yu) and wanted to sell their antique sofa, which had an extraordinary story behind.

At a lonely night, Ying was impressed by Roy’s persistence toward love.
Can feverish Wood use his endless love to move Ying?
Some like it hot, some like it feverish. It comes out an unforgettable summer love. 

Director's Statement:
The Chinese title of this film has nothing to do with George Lam's hit song, but the love story that comes form a feverish male lead is somehow related to myself: when i fall ill and have to stay in bed, I think about how nice it would be to have a partner who will take care of me- those who live alone will certainly understand my sentiment. I rarely fall head over heels for a woman, but I do wonder, catching a cold and suffering from high fever because of a girl I like will probably win me some sympathy. We humans are selfish; but we're willing to do a lot of things (not anything though) for people we like. The best thing about being in love is that both parties are willing to do a lot of thing for the other person, which is a tad stupid. The American music critic Rob Sheffield nailed it in his autobiography on love: "Love makes me do stupid things- fortunately I learnt my lesson early." He certain knows how to enjoy love. Being in love is a nutrient to life. To love is to learn; to be crossed in love is to grow up. SOME LIKE IT HOT is filled with energies: fall in love, fall out of love, fall in love all over again. There's passion, there's laughter and there's tears. Indeed, love is exhausting. I'm not easily exhausted, fortunately.  

(Originated from the 5th Hong Kong Asia Film Festival booklet)